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Douglas Gayeton and Laura Howard-Gayeton – Founders of The Lexicon Of Sustainability™

DOUGLAS GAYETON and LAURA HOWARD-GAYETON founded the Lexicon in 2009 and continue to guide the project from a series of barns on their goat farm near Petaluma, California, where they are supported by an amazing team of passionate lexicographers, researchers, artists, filmmakers and sustainability experts. Their production company, RUMPLEFARM, produces the Lexicon of Sustainability™. Laura is a producer, farmer, entrepreneur and executive director of the Lexicon. She pioneered the art of multi-layered narrative approaches to film and video during her life as a commercials producer, then later founded the first goat milk ice company, LALOO’S. Douglas is an information architect, filmmaker, photographer and writer. He has created award-winning work at the boundaries of traditional and converging media since the early 90’s. He is the director of the KNOW YOUR FOOD series for PBS, and author of both SLOW: Life in a Tuscan Town, and the recently released Local: The New Face of Food & Farming in America.


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The individuals selected for the internship program work closely with the Lexicon staff to bring consumer awareness through vital story telling. The internship offers a unique opportunity for those looking to gain experience in the sustainability sector and offers immersion in the social innovation field with a network of over 300 thought leaders and 300 partner organisations.


GabbyAldernGABBY ALDERN loves food more than just about anything else. Her life is made up of mostly food-based activities, be it spending time at farmers markets, writing for nutritional magazines, volunteering at co-ops, or constantly cooking (and eating) good food. As public health major at UC Berkeley, Gabby has focused her education on environmental health and food systems. She is passionate about using nutritional education and sustainable agriculture as a way to improve global health outcomes and develop a food system that can support future generations.

Natalie-AmbrosiaNATALIE AMBROSIA bid her native Sebastopol, CA a tearless farewell upon her acceptance to the University of Notre Dame in 2013, and headed to Indiana. Currently a sophomore, Natalie is pursuing a major in Environmental Science with a minor in Journalism. In between academics, teaching the Take Ten anger management program to South Bend elementary children, working in an Ecology lab on campus, and planning events as her dorm’s Sustainability Commissioner, Natalie heads out of doors where she can always counts on nature to help her relax and recharge.

BilkisBILKIS BHARUCHA grew interested in agriculture while studying Politics at the University of San Francisco. Since then, she has studied organic agriculture and become more involved in local food systems in the Bay Area, where she is from. She has worked on an organic farm, community gardens, farmers market and as an edible landscaper. She enjoys re-reading Harry Potter every year, exploring California’s endless open spaces, and learning about agriculture and nutrition. She is currently studying Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems through Tufts University, and is amazed at how well the Lexicon of Food overlaps with her current studies.

Claudette-DiazCLAUDETTE DIAZ comes to the Lexicon from Sonoma State University where she is currently pursuing a degree in Energy Management. Claudette has sought experience educating youth through art, cooking, and dance as a Child Development Volunteer at Kid Street Learning Center. Claudette is contributing her bilingual skills and passion to the sustainability movement through social media, outreach, and research.

Maja-FeldmanMAJA FELDMAN is a Storyteller. She believes that stories offer connection and allow people to relate to this vast world. Maja holds a bachelors degree in Horticulture from Montana State and received a masters in Leadership in Strategic Sustainable Development from BTH in Sweden. Through her travels, work experience and love for all things alive, colorful and edible, she works to educate and connect others to their food, community and environment.

Kim-KarrisKIM KARRIS is an artist at heart; a writer by trade; and an activist by nature. Her singular and most passionate subject matter: FOOD. Food justice, to be exact. After just recently completing her Masters degree in Sustainable Food Systems from the United Nations mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica, Kim now has the technical expertise to expand on her six years of experience writing grants and digital marketing content for global nonprofit and environmental justice organizations. Her undergraduate background in Women’s Studies from Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, Georgia informs her eco-feminist perspective on the need for women-centered agro-ecological farming alternatives, while her three years living and working on rural, organic and permaculture farms with campesinos and campesinas in Mexico and Central America has cemented her commitment to radically transforming our unjust global food economy. Kim’s favorite thing to do (other than cook) is talk about REAL food. You can now find her as an editorial researcher for theLexicon.org project and almost always, wearing a hat.

Valerie-KimVALERIE KIM lives and works on a dairy goat ranch in Mendocino County. Valerie has been able to combine her skills and interests by working as a farmer, a journalist, and a community organizer around local food shed issues. As a young adult Valerie became ravenous for local foods and sought work in her local food system. She became the harvest manager of a school garden, worked on a farm incubation project, and upon receiving her B.A. in Psychology and History of Art from Brown University, she decided to fully pursue the agricultural path. That decision brought her to Northern California, to live and work on farms as well as with local media outlets. Valerie is a regular host of KZYX’s Farm and Garden show, a contributor to local papers, has taught classes on slaughtering and processing poultry, aggregates local produce to distribute at the Anderson Valley Food Bank, and is involved with the local farmer’s market association and food shed. In this capacity, she has employed her skills in writing and public speaking as a means to help spread the word about the food movement and its accompanying issues.

TedKozerskiTED KOZERSKI studied Urban Anthropology and English as an undergrad in Detroit, MI. In that time he ran a CSA on 8 Mile that provided around 12 customers and turned into a market space where other growers would sell. He subsequently had been studying soil remediation, and was influenced by how many people were talking about Urban ag, and led levels, but not by what to do to remediate in an inexpensive way. Ted had a small lot to remediate in Corktown, using phyto, myco and bacterial strategies, that held a couple of workshops and talks to Urban Anthro students. He then took a job in Detroit Public Schools Farm to School program with the Office of School Nutrition and piloted and ran a permaculture- based production and education site at a middle school on the northwest side. He has now been foraging professionally for around 3 years and continue to do so among other projects.

katy-mcwhirterKATY MCWHITER was born in Louisiana, raised in Mississippi and educated in Tennessee. It’s safe to say food has always been on her mind. Her college years were spent in Nashville, where she gained a B.A. in Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership Studies from Belmont University before working in non-profit consultation and government and community relations. In 2011, she packed her suitcases (and her bicycle) and moved to York, UK to complete an MA in Modern History. After honing her skills in educational marketing for two years, the time was right to cross the pond once more. As part of the Editorial team at the Lexicon, she is particularly interested in community-driven food initiatives, creative educational opportunities and instilling an imaginative mindset about our approach to sustainability.

Neda-MovahedNEDA MOVAHED is currently studying to receive a Masters in Sustainability at Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability. Her current research interests are in how well-being is defined within the field of sustainability. In the past, Neda has interned for non-profits like Amazon Watch and Human Rights Connected. This past summer, she worked on a family-owned organic farm in her hometown of Maryland, where she strengthened her appreciation for local food. In her spare time, Neda enjoys to garden, hike, yoga, and practice ukulele.

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Douglas_Gayeton-1Laura-at-San-MAteo-Public-LibraryThe co-founders of the Lexicon project, Douglas Gayeton and Laura Howard-Gayeton, are available for speaking engagements around sustainability, art, film and social business models. Past speaking events include IACP 2014, TEDxOaxacaCity, Green Mountain College, Disposable Film Festival, SLOW Money, Bioneers, LOHAS and more.

Please contact HarperCollins Speakers Bureau for Douglas Gayeton speaking engagements

Upcoming Events:

Feb 11, 2015   Social Eats dinner w/Edible Schoolyard Berkeley, CA { http://edibleschoolyard.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=442 }

March 6-7, 2015   Dig In! Food and Farming Festival Farmington, AR { http://diginfestival.com/festival-schedule/ }

March 13-15, 2015   Geography of Hope Point Reyes, CA { http://ptreyesbooks.com/goh }

March 19, 2015   UBC Farm Symposium Vancouver, BC { http://ubcfarm.ubc.ca/ }

March 27-29, 2015   IACP Conference, Washington, DC { http://www.iacp.com/attend/more/2015_washington_d.c_conference }

April 9, 2015   Pop Up Show & Speaking Event { http://www.exploratorium.edu/ }

April 17-19, 2015   SB Food & Wine Festival Santa Barbara, CA { http://www.bacararesort.com/santa-barbara-food-wine-weekend/ }

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