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“KNOW YOUR FOOD” is a short film series which introduces viewers to the terms and principles that enable them to be more responsible, sustainably-minded consumers. For this series, we’ve worked closely with hundreds of thought leaders from every aspect of our food system to explain the real cost of cheap food, we’ve explored concepts like GMO and Organic, and we have discovered solutions to such challenges as food waste and seafood fraud. By learning these key principles, consumers can do their part to fix our food system. Filmmakers Douglas Gayeton and Laura Howard-Gayeton have turned their pioneering method of mixing hand-written text with photo collage into a stunning collection of short films that mix animation by Pier Giorgio Provenzano with live action interviews with food producers from across the country. The Lexicon of Sustainability™ shorts are a RUMPLEFARM production, funded and presented by ITVS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, with residual funding through a crowdsourced platform. Watch them below!

“The Lexicon of Sustainability, in its photographic form, was real-food-dictionary as art; through their film series they’ve managed to translate the essence of those works into succinct films that provide further insight into the meaning of sustainability. I watch every one.”

Daniel Klein, founder of Perennial Plate

You Are The Lexicon of Sustainability

The Story of an Egg



True Cost Accounting

Local vs. Organic

Food Waste

Wheat or White

Economies Of Community



Unconventional Agriculture

Grass Fed



What Is Sustainability

Antibiotic Free

Ethically Sourced


Land Trust


Urban Farming

Food Security



“The Lexicon of Sustainability’s PBS short film series is visually engaging, thoughtful and inspiring! Sustainability has a role for all of us to take part in. Keep doing what you do… I know my role!”

Anthony Rodale, Rodale Institute

“KNOW YOUR FOOD” is now available in a




KNOW YOUR FOOD has just been released as a two DVD set featuring all 24 Short Films plus Extra Features like Discussion Guides for Families and Schools, plus all you need to host your own screening party (A 75 minutes version of all the films together and a 15 minutes photo slideshow of over 100 information artworks from the series).

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