Weekly talking points to change our food system


The LEXICON OF SUSTAINABILITY™ has gathered a dynamic collection of 300+ thought leaders, media outlets, food producers, environmentalists, consumer advocacy groups, educational organizations and food policy advocates to create THE FOOD LIST, a weekly cross-media messaging campaign that will unite our Food Movement by providing the vital tools and information needed to help fix our food system.

How does it work?

The first “year” of THE FOOD LIST will include 52 weekly themes. Each week, partners will coordinate their efforts to deliver content—reports, news articles, blogs, videos, statistics, visual graphics, and art—on the same food & farming theme. Think of it as Talking Points to help organize a national Food Movement. Changing each week, these vital talking points will be delivered in print, in film, across partner websites and via social media outlets to stimulate a highly focused dialog about ideas that matter. The Lexicon of Sustainability is offering all partners theme-related content for each week of THE FOOD LIST. This original content includes  information artworks, photographs, short films, discussion guides, interviews with over 100 thought leaders, activities, challenges, and a dictionary of food & farming terms. THE FOOD LIST partners are invited to participate in any or all conversations happening around the 52 weekly themes. They can choose to create new work or draw attention to previously created content to a wider audience.

By working together and sharing our knowledge, THE FOOD LIST will help bring transparency and accountability to our nation’s food system and the impact it has on our environment and health.

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The Food List Partners

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